Hey Jude In London Olympics Opening Ceremony

Hey Jude In London Olympics Opening Ceremony. Paul McCartney performed at the end of the show with a rendition of the classic The Beatles are very global titled Hey Jude.

Paul McCartney appeared to carry the 'flag' the Beatles, because The Beatles are one of the legends of the world and is the pride of the whole people of England.

This is consistent with the goals of the director or designer shows the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, Danny Boyle, who wants to show off everything that once belonged to Britain, as in the British music had The Beatles and Queen.

Therefore, the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony is not just a theatrical show which describe the development of England from time to time. Paul McCartney represents the legendary band The Beatles also took part in the Opening Ceremony multieven sport's biggest touted throughout history.

When Paul McCartney played a grand piano while singing a rendition of Hey Jude, and he cried with a loud "Welcome to London!" About 80,000 pairs of eyes suddenly rumbled and also sang this song.

Moreover, while the final part of the song Hey Jude Paul McCartney went ahead and took the stage the whole crowd at Olympic Park Stadium to sing. Finally, the entire audience singing along with "Na na na na na na na na na na ... na ... Hey Jude ..."

British music and can not be separated, a lot of music has been engraved in the history of this country, and at the 2012 London Olympics is Paul McCartney has proved that the UK has a long history of music.

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The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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