The Beatles Return to Abbey Road After 40 Years

The Beatles Return to Abbey Road After 40 Years
The Beatles Return to Abbey Road After 40 Years

After 40 years, ‘The Beatles’ are back on the Abbey Road thanks to the installation of a green roof on a housing estate.

The Abbey Estate is home to the beetles, of the insect variety, following the creation of ‘The Hive’ building at the South end of Abbey Road, Kilburn.

In addition to the beetles, the roof also boasts a wealth of other species, including moths, butterflies, spiders and wild flowers.

The landscape contains log piles and stones so that bugs can bask and burrow.

Nectar and pollen rich wildflowers such as bird’s foot trefoil and viper’s bugloss attract pollinators such as bees.

The building is just five minutes away from the Abbey Road studios and zebra crossing made famous by The Beatles 1969 album ‘Abbey Road’.

The Beatles that the roof is now home to include dor, ground and sexton beetles.

Other bugs thriving there are the brown banded carder bee and the lesser common rustic moth.

Shortly after completion a hummingbird hawk moth was spotted there.

As the roof matures and the logs have time to rot it is hoped that nationally scarce beetles such as the Bombadier will be found there.

Cllr Phil Jones, Camden Council Cabinet member for sustainability, said: “This project shows the benefits that re-creating habitats for wildlife in urban areas can bring.

“This is a wonderful project that protects endangered species, improves biodiversity and can be enjoyed by the whole community.”

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