John Lennon's Assassination History

Legend of The Beatles, John Lennon was shot dead when she decides to come home from the studio to see his son, Sean. He chose to go home instead of going to dinner, said his widow, Yoko Ono in a broadcast interview Sunday.

John Lennon Assassination History
John Lennon

The last words of the mega-star musician in December 1980 is about the desire to see children who have not slept, said Ono told BBC radio.

Lennon was murdered by an insane fan, Mark Chapman, outside a house in New York, almost 27 years ago. "We're back from the studio, and I said, 'Are we just have dinner out before returning home?'" Ono story.

"John said, 'no, we're going home just because I want to see Sean before he slept',, like he was not sure and anxiety we can reach home before he (Sean) sleep. That was the last John said, John wanted to see Sean. "

"I think, when we began our relationship in 1967, I was scared because he was a member of the Beatles, and I realized later the situation will be different and maybe I do not have freedom, and everyone was very disappointed with us to the point that they fabricate stories."

Ono slandered many Beatles Fans who thought the group was disbanded because of the influence of Lennon's Yoko. "Few things hurt, but fortunately John impartial to me," he said.

"In my imagination, the events that have happened a long time. What was unsaid was no longer too painful."

The Journey Dissolution of The Beatles

In May 1968, a split in the body of The Beatles began a flashlight. Beginning with John and Paul wants to be a leader, replacing Brian Epstein. But a big problem developing after John always invites Yoko Ono, his new girlfriend, attended the Beatles' recording sessions at Abbey Road studios. Though the personnel of the Beatles had agreed not to invite a girlfriend or wife during the recording process. Tail of each personnel for follow-up so males simultaneously recording process, and just came to complete the parts alone.

Month in May 1968, The Beatles announced the establishment of business enterprises owned by them, Apple Corporation Ltd.. The idea of formation of this company according to the personnel of the Beatles was an attempt to curb the development of western-style communism. In 1969, the personnel of the Beatles started to engage each other and do not care anymore about a career band. John was busy with the activities of peace activists, Paul began to pursue a solo career, Ringo busy want to become a movie star, George was busy making music together his best friend, Eric Clapton. Paul sempet decided to be a unifier of the Beatles as a leader. But the idea was rejected by three other personnel. The climax George announced his resignation in that year.

Dated 13 September 1969 to be a gray day for The Beatles when John Lennon out "statement" the official, out of the Beatles. "Statement" was uttered during a trip tour Plastic Ono Band to Toronto, Canada. Then in mid February 1970, Paul McCartney's turn to make a "statement" unplug from The Beatles. "Statement" was directly submitted to John Lennon. Finally on April 10, 1970, Paul officially announced when the Beatles disbanded.

John was upset with the official announcement of this Essex, he was preceded by the article.
Year 1994 the remaining personnel of The Beatles back in the recording studio to work on the album "The Anthology". Though John Lennon is dead, three personnel of the Beatles managed to create a new single titled "Free As A Bird". This song is the work of John Lennon by Yoko Ono recorded. This album is able to achieve great success in the market during the year 1995-1996.