The Beatles Monopoly Games

Have you ever played Monopoly? Surely you have played it. But have you ever played Monopoly with The Beatles icons. Haha, this is it USAopoly The Beatles Monopoly, a game of monopoly with the beatles icons. Well, definitely it was exciting. Get immediately this game.

  1. Game board features all the albums recorded by The Beatles from Please, Please Me to Let It Be
  2. Familiar, traditional Monopoly game play
  3. 60 minute speed play option
  4. Collectible pewter tokens symbolize Cherished iconic Beatles songs Including: Walrus (I Am The Walrus), Sun (Here Comes The Sun), Raccoon (Rocky Raccoon), Octopus (Octopus? S Garden), Strawberry (Strawberry Fields Forever), Hammer (Maxwell ? s Silver Hammer

This game can be played for all ages of course. Haha. 

With the Beatles Monopoly Game Collector's Edition, you can reinvent the way you play America's favorite money game! The Beatles are the perfect gift for any Beatles collector! This Collector's Set gives you the opportunity to commemorate the legendary band that revolutionized rock music in the 60's and beyond. Any game where labeled with Beatles album - Something New from A Hard Day's Night
As you walk around Beatles Monopoly board, make your own private music anthology and rent the right to listen. But ... Beatlemania is a game of Monopoly money is not operating. It operates with a heart, because you can not buy love! Equipped with 6 collectible pewter game token reminds the popular Beatles 'hits'.
Finally, you can express your love for the Beatles by playing America's favorite game! Come Together and have a great time with this Collector's Edition Monopoly game.

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The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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