Real The Beatles Discography 1

The Beatles Discography
The Beatles Discography #1

During his career (1962-1970) the world they have released many recordings from various labels and countries, but basically, only in the United Kingdom was the recording of the Beatles was released as the standard, the basic idea n what they want. In other countries especially the U.S. of their songs released in the  compilation and Artwork differently so that not infrequently The Beatles feel their work raped by a record label.

Well, in this post I intend to describe Discography "original" of The Beatles during their career. If we are generally present him if the Beatles has 13 albums plus a compilation of songs non-album like recently re-released in "The Beatles Stereo Set" so here we will see little difference. Official discography of The Beatles now is the standardization of their world discography of 12 original albums from the UK plus one compilation album U.S. output (Magical Mystery Tour), plus a compilation of songs-lagunon their album (The Beatles Past Master Vol I and II). Magical Mystery Tour in the UK originally released in EP format. Format Era EP and single on the CD are considered less effective, so that these formats are removed from the official discography and replaced with a compilation album.
Before I continue it's good to know that The Beatles released their music in the form of Vinyl / Black with 3 disc formats, namely:
Single, a 7-inch vinyl, each side beris 1 song.
EP (Extended Play), the same as a 7-inch singles, but each side contains more songs, which is 2 songs.
LP (Long Play), Vinyl measuring 12 inches, each side can contain 50-10 songs (If today's popular with the terms Album)
The following are recordings Music of the Beatles during their career (1962-1970), sorted by time of release, calculated from the first time they are binding contracts with Parlophone, a subsidiary of EMI Records, which overshadow the Beatles:

Single: Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You

Release Date: October 5, 1962
Catalog Number: R 4949 (Mono)
Record Label: Parlophone
Highest Chart Position (UK): # 17
Song List
SIDE 1: Love Me Do (Lennon-McCartney)
SIDE 2: P.S. I Love You (Lennon-McCartney)

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