Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour
Away in the sky, beyond the clouds, live 4 or 5 Magicians. By casting wonderful spells they turn the Most Ordinary Coach Trip into a Magical Mystery Tour. If you let yourself go, the Magicians will take you away to marvellous places. Maybe you’ve been on a Magical Mystery Tour without even realising it. Are you ready to go?

As quoted by TheBeatles.Com :
The Beatles produced this film around a coach journey across England. It features a series of musical vignettes, interspersed with scenes of comedy and fantasy. Includes tracks such as Magical Mystery Tour, The Fool On the Hill, Your Mother Should Know, and I Am The Walrus.

"Well that was just fun and you know there were plenty of people who made documentaries of all students who’d made films and I think we just saw ourselves in that kind of light, yeah you know let’s just make a kind of artsy film." Paul McCartney.

If you want to watch it, try find in Youtube.Com or Amazon.Com. I did it, it was good and of course it was funny, I love it when John feed Ringo's aunt.

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