Lady Gaga, John Lennon, One Fate

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Pop singer Lady GaGa equate himself with the legendary The Beatles, John Lennon. According to him, as happened to Lennon, he always felt unhappy and dissatisfied when it has completed the works of his songs.
The singer of 'Bad Romance' was admitted, during the time he fought against the perfectionism that always menghinggapinya. GaGa said, he is almost impossible to feel satisfied with the outcome of his songs - just as Lennon.

"I am constantly dissatisfied with my work. Although I may tell you that the song 'Edge of Glory' is the biggest pop masterpiece, but still there are certain things from the song that made ​​me worry, "says GaGa, as quoted femalefirst.

Gaga said, he always can see the drawback of each of his songs. "Whenever I hear it, I know where the deficiencies were," he said. GAGA sometimes repeatedly listening to his songs, only to meet again with dissatisfaction that.

"On John Lennon in 1980 interview published in Playboy magazine, Lennon also spoke about how he hates certain songs when the song was finished. Maybe just the songs that he hated it, including my favorite song, but Lennon did not like it, "closed GaGa. (VivaNews)

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The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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