Coins John Lennon So Prey of Beatlesmania

John Lennon Coins
John Lennon Coins
You're a Beatlemania? One more thing that should be a collection of Beatlemania. It is a £ 5 coin display John Lennon's face. In Britain, these coins have been hunted and sells.

Coins Lennon's face is a picture released by the Royal Mint, the company that manufactures coin in Britain. Coins version of the late former guitarist of The Beatles were produced in limited, only five thousand copies.

Coins were sold after a few weeks after the commemoration the 70th anniversary of the late Lennon on October 9, 2010 last. Fantastic, the coin was sold out. The coin sells for 44.99 pounds, or approximately USD 636 thousand.

Since news of the coin will be launched, the big Fans The Beatles on networking site Facebook and Twitter has been busy for the order again. Carrying 27 thousand more people sign up to get the coin, (including me).

"It is appropriate if John Lennon was chosen by the public right on 70th birthday. Sounds great in this poll shows clearly how his death is still memorable for the public across the country. He could practically equal, even surpass some historical figures," explained Royal Mint spokesman, Dave Knight, as reported by the BBC on Wednesday (03/11/2010).

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The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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