The Beatles Top Three List Classic Band

Classic band is so complicated, never expires, always alive. The list of the classic bands that ranked number one, two and three all-time by Fans The Beatles blog version :

1. The Beatles
The Beatles
The Beatles
Why? Why The Beatles? Yes, because the beatles albums created by their, never timeless, bored or anything, always be a favorite icon from adolescence to adulthood, huh, steady really easy. Still not believe me? look at this: The Beatles Official SiteWell, if you already believe it, let's download the songs or view their lyrics : The Beatles Lyrics

2. Rolling Stones
Urutan Band Klasik Sepanjang Masa
This one has not be tolerable, because the rolling stones are the greatest band. Why? The answer just to ask our parents about this band, the guarantee will not be sorry if you already know.

3. Deep Purple

Urutan Band Klasik Sepanjang Masa
If deep purple, is also within the child knows, because the title song deep purple "smoke on the water" inserted into the game guitar hero. So guns should be explained again by me.

Well, now already in the know right? For that hopefully I present this information can be useful, Happy weekend all, i mean hopefully useful.

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The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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selamat, The beatles is number one..

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Second commentary..

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blog, nice..!

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hy there.. where is the beatles mania in Indonesia community? i would love to join the community.. do u know if the community are exist in makassar to?

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