The Same Band with The Beatles in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a lot of bands that the flow is equal to The Beatles, there is even a die-hard band, from the tools until the hair was involved tracing The Beatles. For example: the Banery, or G-pluck, they are all almost the same with The Beatles.

1. The Banery
The Banery
The Banery

Beginning in 2004, Rafly (Bass, Vocals), Egi (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Yudhi (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) and Dean (Drums). After about two years for music, in case of replacement players Adam (Drums), replacing the position left by Deni, and add a player that is an alias Nanda Oddo (keyboards, vocals). Substitution is followed by a change of name bands in a row, The Uncle John, The Rebeats, and the last was The Banery. The name is an abbreviation of the name Banery of each - their personnel.

Their album is in the background by a desire to express, and try to experiment in uniting the various genres of music from each of the personnel that is Rock and Roll, Opera, Rock, Alternative, and British Pop.

The Banery 's music is influenced by a band from Liverpool, The Beatles. Since the name of The Banery they began actively composing his own works, to create the song "Because He". With determination and strong song material that is owned, The Banery are entering the production phase with nine hitsnya full album. Pengarapan album was handled by myOyeah music and receive the approval track Produced by Krishna J Shadrach. Their album was released in April 2009.

2. G-Pluck

G-Pluck (G = Genuine / Original or Original, and Pluck = courage or determination), in the hope that it can represent the name of any of personnel in hopes to encourage themselves to the charm of the Beatles was determined to apply themselves into authentic as the original Beatles in their gait play songs and music of the Beatles on stage.

In their rendition of the Beatles songs they consistently use the original keys (without transposition), using tools like those used The Beatles (guitar, bass drum amps, etc), and live with their slick play tone arrangements in accordance with which we can hear from a collection of LPs of the Beatles, and of course they wore and the style attributes like the Beatles at that time (hair style, clothing, shoes, etc.) and do mimic, dialects and impersonasi to four Beatles (John Lennon , Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr) on the stage.

G-Pluck Band Beatles are one of the many bands that commemorate the Beatles in a musical in the form of 'special live performance' in the world, and maybe 'in class' only one in Indonesia. At first they were formed in early 2000, and after going through the process of forging and maturation in some period of time they began to conduct some performances up till now they exist exclusively in many stage capital city of Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya in various clubs, caf├ęs and local events , private parties and public, special communities of the Beatles and the general public, local and international expatriate community, inside and outside the country.

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The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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