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Name : Ari Hermawan
DoB : Indonesia. 31 Jan 1993.

I just want to share my hobby about music to you all. For that, I beg your support for the advancement of my blog.

Fans The Beatles Blog was established in 2008, begins with the article copy and paste, I realized that it was wrong. Starting in 2009, I tried to not do copy and paste the article have other people to my blog.

Mid-year 2009, my blog is visited approximately 200-300 visitors /day, It makes my blogs rank rose to around 100.000 , that is okey. then, at the time I use google adsense, until then get a revenue about U$ 67.00. But when I get my id card, my google adsense account was deleted by google, google says that there are some wrong clicking the ads. my spirit is down. Huft.

After that incident, i'm tired about blogs, so i leave it. whereas, my alexa rank at that time reached 90.000 , it happened cause i lost my revenue at google adsense, hhe.

At 2010, I returned to the world of blogs, when I check my rank, my blog is in the order of 13 million, huh really tired, but I keep the spirit up to now.

I Hope This Article About Profile Author The Beatles Blog very useful for you and if you want to copy this article put this link below as the source.
The Beatles Always Stay in Our Heart.

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