Let It Be

"Let It Be" is a song by The Beatles, released in March 1970 as one, and as the title track from their album Let It Be. Although credited to Lennon / McCartney in general received a Paul McCartney composition.

Album reached # 1 in the United States, Australia, Italy, Norway and Switzerland and # 2 in the UK. It was the final single released by the Beatles while the band is still active. Both the album Let It Be and the only one that is long and winding road that is released after the band announced their break-up.

McCartney says he has the idea "Let It Be" after he dreamed about his mother during the tense period of sessions for The Beatles (the "White Album"). McCartney explained that his mother-who died of cancer when McCartney was fourteen-the inspiration for "Mother Mary" lyric. McCartney then said, "It was good to visit with her again. I feel very blessed to have a dream. So that I can write 'Let It Be'." He also said in an interview later about the dream that his mother had told him, " That will all be good, leave it. "

Piano is the main theme of the Let it be, in C Major, introducing the song, but wise in the series of strong cadences, which consists of four healthy normal-bar triads increased above the left hand piano notes tempered single keystrokes, all the harmonic drive, from the start sense of confidence arises (first measure), for the melancholic and anxious sentiment (second and third step) and return to a certain gratitude, self-confident attitude (last measure).

The effects of defense gloomy mood achieved by McCartney in a mixture of primary 6. And 7. Interval, when playing chords F and C, in the middle of the theme. Harmony is as circumscribed by bass tones, inversions is also a feature worth mentioning is often in the composition, which ultimately form the settling of the tune's emotional intent.

Let It Be recording took place at Twickenham Film Studios on 3 January 1969, where The Beatles had started the previous day, which became Let It Be film. During this stage, only the group's film on a mono recording is used for syncing to film camera, and does not create multi-track recording to release. Recorded one take, only with Paul McCartney on piano and vocals. Business groups that first made on 8 January. Continue to work on the track throughout the month. Multi-track recording began on 23 January in the Apple Studio.

Master taking recorded on 31 January 1969, as part of the 'Apple Studio performance' to Get Back project. McCartney played piano (a Blüthner Flügel of Leipzig), Lennon played bass, Billy Preston played organ and George Harrison, Ringo Starr and the role they assumed in the conventional guitar and drums. This is one of the two performances of the song. The first version, which lasted 27-A, will serve as the basis for all officially released versions of the song. The other version, take 27-B, conducted as part of a 'live studio performance', along with "Two of Us" and "The Long Road and winding." This performance, in which Lennon and Harrison's harmonised with McCartney and Harrison lead vocal contribution to the soft guitar solo, it can be seen in the film Let It Be.

On 30 April 1969, Harrison overdubbed a new guitar solo in the capture of 31 January that year. He overdubbed solo on 4 January 1970. First solo overdub the original one used to release, and the second is used to overdub solo album release of the original. Some fans believe that one of two versions of the song-based foundation that, in general, different guitar solos, but also some differences in the overdubs and Mixes.

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